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At a bridal show in New York last week; several brides and grooms expressed their admiration for the style of photography Myria-Media artists pursued. (Thank you to those who took the time to send emails and/or provide verbal feedback.)  Almost all who stopped by our booth candidly appreciated the images; how they were culled, put together to flow with the music and the story it attempted to narrate using various angles, lighting, color-schemes and details. Many couples, who engaged in a meaningful discussion with the team expressed interest in understanding our approach to photojournalism. The response was effortless – “to capture what others miss – candid moments and subtle details to create natural, organic and timeless imagery”. Our lead photojournalist discussed his passion and desire to “incarcerate” the energy and vibes during those special moments. He emphasized the only way he was able to deliver “timeless imagery” was by seizing the moments as they emerged. His skills lay in keeping the images real and simple. Since so many of you expressed interest in this area; therefore, we thought it would be best for the images to talk for itself.  After all, the proof eventually lies in the pudding! Enjoy!

Bridal show last night at the NY Marriott Marquis was a success. Met with several wonderful people, who were candid and appreciative of our approach to wedding photojournalism. Thank you all who stopped by our booth. It was a pleasure meeting you. We look forward to collaborating with you in the near future.

3 lucky brides will be individually informed of their prizes :)


This past week, Myria Media team sponsored photojournalism for the much awaited South Asian dance competition “7th Annual Naach Revolution” held at the Union County Performing Arts Center in New Jersey. Our team’s passion for people photography was further realized by capturing the unparalleled high energy created by excitement and enthusiasm of over 600 dancers from all different age groups, socio-cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Under the tutelage of over 15 choreographers, these dancers left no stone unturned in putting their best performance that night. The colorful costumes coupled with foot-tapping music and flawless coordination during each performance was a testament to the hard-work and commitment of the students, teachers and their families.

Tell us what you think! Share your thoughts on “Like” our page if you felt the energy in the pictures.

Online proofs of all pictures will be available in a week.

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The coming together of a man and woman in the holy matrimony during a religious Hindu wedding is perhaps most symbolized by the seven vows taken by the bride and groom as they take the seven steps or what is called the “Saptapadi”. The seven steps are symbolic representation of coming together as a unit and following the “journey of life through thick and thin”.  The seven intrinsic values this ritual imparts is deeply intertwined with the philosophy of leading a healthy, happy and purposeful life. It is believed that the couple will always be united if they consciously follow these seven sacred vows. Each vow is taken with a step forward.

1- The first step is taken to promise each other that the couple will provide and take care of each other.

2- The second step is to seek the blessings of God for a physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy life.

3- The third step is to seek the strength to gain and protect wealth in a righteous manner.

4- The fourth step is to mutually love, respect and understand each other and be an equal partner to each others joys and grief.

5- The fifth step is taken to vow for the safety and well being of their off-springs.

6- The sixth step is taken to pray for longevity through discipline, wisdom and self-control.

7- The seventh step is the ultimate pledge to each other to remain sincere, loyal, trustworthy, and dependable. A commitment to each other to become companions for life and together face the “peaks and valleys” of life.

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